Friday, December 3, 2010

Civilizations of India

Indian history is one the most lustrous continuous histories in the world. It has three great civilizations and had one of the largest populations.We have evidences of great kingdoms from 2000 BC onwards.

Beware. This is not an informational blog. I wish to discuss the nuances and potentially angering, irritating topics. Participation is welcome though!

As said before, there are 3 major civilizations in the Indian sub continent.
1. Indus valley civilization
2. Aryan civilization
3. Dravidian civilization

Indus valley civilization is the earliest. Let us discuss Indus Valley Civilization sometime later. Aryan and Dravidian co-existed in times for over 3000 years. I wish to track the timelines and the interferences, wars, battles, marriages between the kinship, etc. between Aryan and Dravidian civilizations

This is my effort to fill the gaps in my knowledge of Indian History - especially Dravidian. For a language which is over 4000 Years old and has supported a civilization as old as, if not older than, Aryan civilization, I do not have enough knowledge and I am a little angry that I was not given that right to choose for myself if I needed that or not.

Good sources and references are welcome